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our story

desiign is a full-service desiign firm that culminates almost 3 decades of architectural desiign experience.  We rebranded our firm 5 years ago as a response to better serve our customers by reinventing ourselves on all levels.  This transformation allowed us to expand our catalogue of services while evolving into a leaner, more nimble, architectural design studio. 


Since 1991, we have been a dominant player in helping pioneer the local desiign scene by creating innovative, unique and timeless architectural and interior desiign solutions for the greater Windsor area and abroad.  Our knowledge, experience, reputation, and professional recognition are well supported with a diverse portfolio of over two thousand successful projects.  Many of our projects are very well known and have received  additional recognition by been published in desiign magazines, both local and national.


We are desiign-obsessed, certified Ontario Building Code specialists;  and our close association with an experienced team of engineers, contractors, and other construction specialists, provides us with a depth and range of expertise in approaching complex projects of varying scales with a high degree of economy and creativity.

Getting to know you is our favourite part of the project. We engage you in the desiign process by sharing ideas and passions, then empower you with the required desiign and construction knowledge to build confidence in your decisions. Our hope is to help develop a space that you will love in all ways.  We won’t stop until we exceed your expectations.

With an open mind, we listen to and readily incorporate specific needs.  We are sensitive to differing tastes and broker compromise with diplomacy.  We never lose sight of budget or the practical limitations of construction.     We also try to anticipate and account for those wishes that may not yet have surfaced, while capturing the essence and feeling that is wanted in the design.

For over 28 years, we have been desiigning dreams and experiences for wonderful people.  Desiign excellence, quality and personal service are our hallmarks; all while striving to create meaning and value for our customers. We are passionate about what we do and want to share in your enthusiasm to help you create and realize your dreams too.

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